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Saturday Sept. 12th 2015 – h. 8 pm - Masseria Carparelli, Ostuni

We are pleased to invite you, on Saturday, Sept. 12th,  to the last appointment of the Live your tour project organized by the Regional Park Dune Costiere, in collaboration with the Coop. Gaia Environmental Tours, in the amazing farm Carparelli, among majestic olive trees that will be the backdrop to the show by the Theatre company Mediani Perduti.


A series of events in the wild nature aimed at promoting sustainable development models associated with the history and nature of the places and the ancient relationship between local communities and their land; in this context we will assist to ‘Tessitori di Storie’ (History Weavers).

 “A white house, a little girl, the voices of the grandparents ... a trip down to memory in a magical night. A texture of folk songs, stories of people, animals, princesses, traditional flavors. The infinite possibilities of metamorphosis of things through music and words"

Meeting at 10 pm at Masseria Carparelli in Ostuni (BR) reachable from the former SS 16 Ostuni – Fasano, 8,00 km, then follow the signs Masseria Carparelli / Casa del Parco.

After the performance some expert will tell us about sustainable tourism good practices.

Hon. Enzo Lavarra President Parco Dune Costiere

Mr. Francesco Ghionda from Slow Food Piana degli Ulivi

Mr. Tommaso Giorgino landscape scholar “Protection of the natural and agricultural landscape”

At 9 pm, the show  


director: Sara Bevilacqua

starred by Sara Bevilacqua & Antonio Guadalupi

Isabella Benone, Daniele Guarini, Alessandro Muscillo, Giancarlo Pagliara

A tasting session of organic products made by the Park’s farmers will follow.

Free entry, reservation required.

INFO AND BOOKING: 348.1638228 / 347.0042961


The park Dune Costiere is involved in a campaign to raise awareness and local promotion as part of the Live your tour project, funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Programme ENPI CBC MED. The project is part of an international cooperation program involving Italy and other countries in the Mediterranean basin,  focusing on sustainable tourism to increase the out of season tourist flows in marginal geographical areas, offering an authentic tourists experiences benefited also by those areas far from the conventional tourist flows, with a positive impact on the local economy. 

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