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Next January 15th at Albergabici in Montalbano (Fasano)

“Botanic watercolour course” is the title of naturalistic drawing and painting course that will begin next January, 15th at Albergabici in Montalbano (Fasano).

The Coop. Serapia, in collaboration with the Naural Park of Costal Dunes, arranged with great enthusiasm a drawing course to know and learn the varius shades of the nature, in a different and artistic way. The watercolur course will be held by the famous painter Rossella De Mola, from Fasano, who will be always supported by a naturalistic guide of Coop. Serapia team.

Nature and art lessons, in fact, will be addressed to people of different age and with any different backgrond, which want to learn drawing and painting elements linked to the knowledge of Park’s biodiversity.

There will be seven meetings, with duration of two hours and half, organized in short theoretical analysis and practice exercises. Moreover, there will be shown the most important drawing and painting techniques, in ascending difficulty. 

The course finishes with a certificate of attendance.

The seven meetings will take place every sunday morings, starting from the next 15th of January, to the 12th of March, from 10 a.m to 12.30 a.m. Single lesson’s price is 15€, whereas the price of the complete course is 70€, inclusive of educational material and suggestive final tour. For any further information go to website, write to or call to 3286474719 (Marialucrezia Colucci).

Sunday, December 11th, as every year, during the TERRA MADRE DAY will hold the guided tour of the ancient system of aquaculture of Morelli River, in the central area of the Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere ‘from Torre Canne to Torre S. Leonardo’, where today is still possible the traditional fishing practice of golden mullet and eels, to know the sustainable fishing and the authentic values of local products.

This experience is really important not only to promote the knowledge of local food, but also to analyze the production of forgotten meals and their sustainable consumption methods.

The CEA (Environmental Educational Center)”il Ginepro” of Ostuni - in collaboration with the Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere, the Archaeological Park of St. Maria d’Agnano and Coop. Gaia - proposes the guided tour for free. It is foundamental to share a food production well-established into local economies, which respects the environment, traditional knowledge and biodiversity and which works to create alternative production methods in order to follow the precious environmental phylosophy promoted by ‘Slow Food’ and ‘Piana degli Ulivi’.

It is recommended to wear  comfortable clothes and trekking shoes or similar.

Meeting Sunday, December 11th at 9.30 a.m., at Lido Morelli, next to Morelli River.

For more info and reservation, you can call the numbers 347 0042961/ 320 6251107. 

Thursday, December 1st and Friday, December 2nd 2016, from 4 to 8 p.m. Istituto Tecnico Agrario Pantanelli-Monnet di Ostuni

Next Thursday will begin an olive oil sensory course to introduce olive growers to the analysis of the different qualities and features of the olive oil. The educational activity is arranged by the Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo in collaboration with the Consorzio Salentino Olivicoltori. The course will last two days, Thursday and Friday, the first two days of December, from 4 to 8 p.m. to the Istituto Tecnico Agrario ‘Pantanelli Monnet’ of Ostuni.

Two experts, dr. Alfredo Marasciulo and the professor Francesco Prudentino, will support us to value the oil made by the participants, in order to make a sensory analysis (with the smell and the taste in particular) and after examine the organoleptic characteristics and the presence of potencial problems that will be resolved with a correct management of the olive grove and the different phases of the olive transformation into the olive-press.

The aim of that educational activity is to improve the sustainable management of the centuries-old olive groves of the Park, which is occupied by remarkable agricultural areas, especially with ancient olive groves.  

Sunday, November 27, 2016 - 9:30 am

According to tradition, this year too an overview of events and walks throughout the wetland of the Parco delle dune Costiere has beginning, for the purpose of promote and give value to this delicate ecosystems and allow a sustainable fruition of the natural environment, the rural landscape and the knowledge of the traditional products of the territory of the protected area.

The trekking of this Sunday wants to make known and appreciate the fish species that naturally live in the pond of the wetland of ‘Fiume Morelli’ and to make you discover through the tales of the local fishermen the traditional methods of fishing.

The initiative has been organised in collaboration with the Park Dune Costiere and the center of environmental education “il ginepro” in Ostuni, that is always actively involved in the promotion and  the spread of the environmental education and the naturalistic fruition of the territory.

The Meeting is at 9.30 at the Car Park of Lido Morelli in Ostuni.

The walk is suitable to all the ages. It is suggested to wear  comfortable clothes, trekking shoes or similar, cap and to bring with a little bottle of water.

The reservation is necessary and places are limited and the same itinerary can be made by bike contacting the  cooperative Maderabike at 327.5785185 or 

 With the creation of the “Fédération des Plus Beaux Villages de la Terre”, constituted by «the Most Beautiful Villages » Clubs of France, Belgium, Canada, Italy and Japan - the international network which preserves and promotes villages and small towns, so far cut out from the routes of international tourism but rich in history, architecture and art - the foundations have been laid to start the project to set up an international network of the national networks of the most beautiful villages of countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in which the thousand-year-old  cultural heritage of Mediterranean peoples has settled.  

The most beautiful Villages in Italy” Club has decided to entrust the town of Cisternino the task of coordinating the project because it is situated in the Apulia Region, which is the only Region that has officially instituted a Mediterranean authority department. 

The objective of the project is to promote in the Mediterranean  Area the creation of networks similar to those already existing in Italy (“I Borghi più belli d’Italia”), in Spain (“Pueblos más Bonitos de España”), and in France (“Les Plus Beaux Villages de France”), so that the new national networks in countries such as Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya,  and Palestine  can become members of the  Fédération des Plus Beaux Villages de la Terre.

The project aims at building in each country a network of coastal villages and  small towns (located at  a maximum distance of  two-hour-journey from the coast) with no more than 15,000 inhabitants, that  have a historical, artistic and architectural heritage certifiable through a quality paper validated by the Federation of Les Plus Beaux Villages de la Terre, and that are willing to subscribe a protection agreement  including the following points:

1)    Preservation and improvement of the historic centre of old towns, enhancement of the original settlement and of monuments of high value;

2)    Protection of the environment and fight against unauthorised building and the consumption of land;

3)    Safeguard of  local agroindustrial products and agricultural or fishing planning;

4)    Preservation of  material culture (festivals,  traditions, special events etc…);

5)    Efficient  and sufficient public services to guarantee a good life-style to residents;

6)    Best practices exchange and  problem sharing with associated villages.

Furthermore, we like to notice that the promotion of a network of the most beautiful villages in the Mediterranean area is very important both for geopolitical reasons and for economic development, because

a.     the Mediterranean Area is the most important touristic area in the world;

b.     there is a special need to promote the collaboration between Northern and Southern, Eastern and Western countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, which, in our opinion, is of vital importance to maintaining good relationships between States and to share with poorer countries the Know-how to run autonomously the architectural, environmental  and landscape heritage and the touristic potential.

The project has already gained some important achievements:

October 26, 2013 - 1st International Conference in Cisternino.

6 to 8 June 2014 - Working in Crete with the presence of mayors from Turkey, Palestine, Cyprus, as well as from Crete and Italy.

June 25, 2014 - Signing of a memorandum of understanding agreement between the municipality of Cisternino, the Association of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy" and the Region of Puglia - the Mediterranean, with the aim of developing international cooperation in the cultural sector for the promotion of the territories in the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

17 October 2014 - 2nd International Conference in Cisternino with the presence of representatives from Crete, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, Palestine and Turkey.

2014 - establishment of the network of "The most beautiful villages" of Palestine.

16 to 19 October 2015 – 3rd International Conference in Cisternino with the presence of representatives from Croatia, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Palestine, Slovenia and Turkey.

The International Conference of Cisternino, because of its importance and relevance, in recent years has received the award of the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic, under the patronage of the Prime Minister´s Office and the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as the membership of various National and Regional organizations  and represented an important step for the realization of the project, thanks to the work carried out in synergy between various and numerous institutions.

The project is working now for the organization of the 4th International Conference planned, as in the past, jointly by the town of Cisternino, the Club of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy" and Puglia Region. The 4th International Conference is going to take place on 28 – 29 – 30 October 2016 in Cisternino, Puglia, Italy (please see attached program), where the following aspects will be enhanced:

·       examination of the project related to the construction of National networks for "The Most Beautiful Villages" in the Mediterranean Basin

·       The Routes of peace of the Mediterranean basin: the role of the villages as instruments for social integration;

·       The Beauty Economies and touristic hosting the Routes and the EuroVelo Cycle Routes in the Euro-Mediterranean basin, marketing tools to promote the area and eco-friendly tourism;

·       Co-design best practice for the urban exploitation of the villages;

·       Creation of a new strategic partnership with selected international countries, regions and villages in areas of mutual interest.

Also this year we decided to allow our guests to spend several opportunities for educational tours of the Apulian territory in order give them a good knowledge of some of the most characteristic villages of Puglia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or clarification:

Organizational Office:

·       Giovanni  Punzi (Italian) 0039 - 080 - 4448537 - mail

·      Luca Palazzo (English) 0039 - 347 - 1611296 - mail

·       Maria Ancona (Inglese) 0039 - 388 - 0485105 - mail

Winter is coming and the little inhabitants of the gardens seek shelter in caves and crevices offered by ground, by dry-stone walls and vegetation. In order to not to make them depart much from our green island, we can build for them a "Bug Mansion"!

On Sunday, October 23, The Association Polyxena and the Park Dune will wait for you at the former Fontevecchia station, to free your imagination and build with us a top luxury hotel for insects!

This "hotel for insects" will allow bees, bumblebees, butterflies, ladybugs and many other useful insects that live in gardens and countryside, to find a refuge beside us.

Let’s have a day between nature and culture, in collaboration with the cooperatives Madera Bike and Gaia, where you can build your own bug mansion, that you will take with you and place on the balcony or garden. So, with the first warm days of spring, they will be ready to cheer again our garden and provide their basic support for biological control and in pollination.

Reservation is required. The activity will start at 10:00 am; the term of activities is scheduled for 12:30 am. The participation fee is € 5. For children younger than 6, participation is free. Discounts for families and small groups.

For more information and reservations please call 392 2525812.

To reach the former station you must, by S.S. 16, take the exit "Montalbano" - SP10 and follow the directions to "Casa del Parco – Ex stazione ferroviaria di Fontevecchia" (GPS coordinates: 40 ° 46´52.23N 17 ° 30´57.26 E). 

A fantastic journey in the Mediterranean Sea.

For the project "Theatre and nature", sponsored by the Teatro delle Forche and Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, under the "Regional program of live performances for the enhancement of cultural and environmental resources of Puglia - 2016", Sunday, October 2nd, at 6 pm, in the Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo Fiume Morelli – Pilone, Ostuni, the company Onirica Poetica Teatrale of Bari will stage the children´s theater performance " Il delfino e il pescatore” (the dolphin and the fisherman) – PERFORMANCE IN ITALIAN LANGUAGE

The event is organized in collaboration with the cooperative “Serapia”.

The performance adheres to international cross-border project IPA Adriatico Net-Cet (Cetacean Network) aimed at the protection and conservation of sea turtles, cetaceans and biodiversity of the Adriatic Sea from the main human threats: intensive fishing (bottom trawls and longline fishing), bycacht, abandonment of waste and sewage spills, coastal erosion, coast concreting and beache disfigurement, destruction of sea turtles nesting sites, collisions between vessels and cetaceans.

An idea by Giuseppe De Matteis. Scenic writing by Vito Latorre, Francesco Lamacchia and Antonio Repole. Performed by David De Marco, Francesco Lamacchia, Vito Latorre, Silvana Pignataro, Antonio Repole. Directed by Vito Latorre. Masks, costumes and set design by David Sciascia.

The show was produced by Onirica Teatro in collaboration with the Environmental Education Cooperative WWF Seges, Vernole (LE).

The diver named Giuseppe, in search of the dolphin Simone, dives in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Here he’ll meet the funny inhabitants of the sea: the athletic Bluefin tuna Rocky, the eternal traveler, turtle Caretta, the pregnant Seahorse Hippo and the hungry but elegant Starfish Asteroidea, the attractive and sensual jellyfish Narba, the eccentric dr. Pine Posidonia and finally the extravagant singer of the sea, Simone the dolphin.

In this fantastic journey, with exciting stories between myth and science, funny and music, Giuseppe will become aware of the harmful effects of the anthropization of marine habitat and of coastal ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea.

The show is recommended for 4 y.o. and up children, but suitable for all ages.

The ticket price is 8 Euros. Reservations is required: by telephone at the numbers: 3497291060/3286474719; by mail at:; on site. 

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days and of the Via Francigena Collective Project 2016, the Regional Park Dune Costiere and the National Museum and Archaeological Park of Egnatia are pleased to invite you to several initiatives to enhance and increase the knowledge and of the Trajan way, promoting sustainable mobility.

Watch the video:

Saturday, September 24th, 10.00 am – BY TWIZY ALONG THE TRAJAN WAY

From the park Dune Costiere to Egnazia, driving a Twizy.

On board the silent two-seater electric machines offered by the company For Play, the local guides of the Serapia coop. ass., accompanied by High School students of Ostuni, will illustrate some of the panels of a unique Literary path with quotes from authors and characters who have traveled and narrated the Via Traiana in Apulia. The route crosses the olive groves plain of Fasano and Ostuni, passing through the most beautiful inland rural areas of the the Park Dune Costiere. After lunch, we will visit Egnazia, returning to Ostuni at 17.30 approximately. (Paid Initiative, organized by the Coop. Serapia)

Meeting: 10.00 am at the headquarters of For Play near the train station of Ostuni. Reservations required: call 328 6474719 within 2 pm of Friday, September 23.

Saturday, September 24th, 6.00 pm - EGNAZIA AT SUNSET

Excursion at sunset between the coast and the archeological site of Egnatia, starting from the parking area of the Museum of Egnazia. After passing the cultivated fields, among ancient tombs and salt collection tanks, we will get to the great Messapian walls. We’ll study and observe the flora and fauna that inhabit the karst area and the many tombs carved into the rock. A visit to the Archaeological Park and the Museum will follow, until 9.30 pm. (Paid Initiative, organized by the Coop. Serapia)

Meeting: 6 pm at the car park of Egnazia Museum, accessible from the SP 90 Savelletri-Capitolo. Reservations required: call. 3286474719.

Sunday, September 25th, 9:30 - Via Francigena Collective Project 2016

A bike hike that connects the area of the Park Dune Costiere with the archaeological site of Egnazia and the rocky village of Lama d´Antico. Starting from the Albergabici we will reach the Via Traiana to enjoy the green landscape on the way to the ancient rock settlement of Lama d´Antico and the Museum and Archaeological Park of Egnazia, following the path marked by Literary panels with quotations of famous travelers who have gone through the via Traiana.

Packed lunch in a picnic area.

The 30 km on asphalt bike hike will end at 5.30 pm approximately. The initiative is linked to the Via Francigena Collective Project 2016promoted by the European Association Vie Francigene.

(paid initiative, organized by the Park Dune Costiere).

Meeting: 9:30 am at the Albergabici, former  roadman´s house in Montalbano di Fasano. For info and reservation, call. 348 1638228

Domenica 25 settembre, ore 10,00 - BY TWIZY ALONG THE TRAJAN WAY

From the Park Dune Costiere to Egnazia, driving a Twizy.

On board the silent two-seater electric machines offered by the company For Play, the local guides of the Serapia coop. ass., accompanied by High School students of Ostuni, will illustrate some of the panels of a unique Literary path with quotes from authors and characters who have traveled and narrated the Via Traiana in Apulia. The route crosses the olive groves plain of Fasano and Ostuni, passing through the most beautiful inland rural areas of the the Park Dune Costiere. After lunch, we will visit Egnazia, returning to Ostuni at 17.30 approximately. (Paid Initiative, organized by the Coop. Serapia)

Meeting: 10.00 am at the headquarters of For Play near the train station of Ostuni.

Reservation required: call 328 6474719 within 2 pm of Friday, September 23rd.

The last night bike hike in the Park Dune Costiere with Madera Bike, the charm of night nature, food&wine, live music.

Let’s ride together also in this September days, together with Madera Bike, for another Moonlight bike hike in the Park.

Back on Saturday, Sept. 17th , after all the magic lived with these activity throughout the summer, we’ll meet for the last hike of the season. At the end of the itinerary, we’ll continue enjoying with folk local live music by World Music Duo.

The moonlight bike rides are a unique opportunity to admire by a new perspective one of the most precious natural treasures of the coast, between spectacular scenery and great fun to discover ecosystems, history, authentic flavors and listen to good live music. A charming activity, suitable for everyone.

The easy to follow route develops along little trafficked secondary roads, along the suggestive Trajan way toward the former Fontevecchia station. Pedaling and relaxing between stone walls, precious olive trees, sea and starry skies, we’ll stop in one of the farms under the Park’s trade mark  and at the ancient Montalbano Dolmen, exceptional testimony of prehistoric civilizations.

The moonlight bike rides are a events dedicated to the rhythms of nature, created to enjoy the best of the summer night countryside landscape between Ostuni and Fasano and to discover natural areas inaccessible to mass tourism.

The event is one of the Summer activities organized and promoted by the Park Dune Costiere from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo.

The bike ride includes: bike and accessories rental, ride, wine and food tasting and concert. Reservation is required, calling the number 327.5785185. –

PARCO NATURALE REGIONALE "Dune costiere da Torre Canne a Torre S. Leonardo" - e-mail PEC