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Sunday April 17th, 10 am.

Spring walk to discover the wild orchids in the Educational Wood and Adventure Park “Ciuchino Biricchino” in the Ostuni hills.

In spring, the meadows, the pastures and the roadsides become a wonderful palette of colors. Among the touches of the painter, there are also the wonderful wild orchids, authentic natural works of art, precious miniatures that attract pollinating insects and excite many fans.

In the amazing landscape of the Educational Wood and Adventure Park “Ciuchino Biricchino”, in the hill area of Ostuni, we’ll see and learn more about the wild orchids Anacamptis morioOphrys luteaOphrys apulicaSerapias lingua, and many more, during a pleasant stroll in the pastures with outcropping rocks and among clearings in the forest of local ancient holm oaks.

Meeting at 10 am at the park Ciuchino Birichino (N 40°43,975´ - E 17°32,437´), easily reachable by the provincial road S.P. 17 Ostuni – Cisternino.

The low difficulty 2 hours walk, will end at 1 pm.

The initiative is carried out in collaboration with the adventure and educational park “Ciuchino Birichino" and the Regional Park Dune Costiere from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo.

Special discounts available for the occasion, i.e:

- if the participants to the walk want to have a picnic in the wood after the activity and still enjoy in the afternoon, they can join the Tree-treck activities; 

- those who have already booked to join the tree-treck, can join the morning walk.

*for more info about the tree-treck and about the picnic area in the Adventure Park, you can call  the number 328 8485157.

Reservation is recommended calling the number 366 5999514 or e-mailing to  

Saturday, April 9th, 10:00 am

Stroll on the fossil dunes of the Park in search of the precious wild orchids.

Serapias apulicaSerapias linguaOphrys passionis ssp. passionis are the names of some of the amazing orchids that we’ll admire on the fossil dunes,  small hills next to the sea, witness of what was the shoreline several millennia ago.

We will move along the ridge of the fossil dunes of the Park, admiring the sea from the high Mediterranean maquis next to the beach, to rediscover the contact with nature and the extraordinary diversity of wild orchids, outrageously perfect miniatures, to the point as to deceive pollinators.

During the walk, we will learn about several other blooms, typical of soils with outcropping rock as the arganetta, from which the red to dye fabrics was extracted, linen fairy (Stipa Austroitalica), endemic grasses in central and southern Italy that can be seen swaying with long feathery and silver plumes.

Meeting at 10 am, at the entrance of the camping Il Pilone (N 40°48,195´ - E 17°32,321´).

The stroll will end at 1 pm.

The walk is organized by the Coop. Ass. Serapia in collaboration with the Park Dune Costiere from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo.

Sneakers and comfortable clothing are advised. We also suggest you to bring your camera. 

For any two adults, one child up to 10 years participates for free.

Booking is advisable, calling the number 366 5999514 or writing to

In the framework of the “Month of Soft Mobility”, we are pleased to invite you to the 9th edition of the National Day of the UN-forgotten railways, promoted by Co.Mo.Do. (, from March 6th to April 6th 2016, and supported by the Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere. The event aims at strengthening the collective work of re-appropriation of open spaces and their practicability.

The coop. Ass Madera, Serapia, Gaia and Impact, with Forplay s.rl. support the initiative on Easter Monday day, to enjoy a good company and to experience the new bike path leading from the Park to the museum and the archeological area of Egnazia. 

For walking itineraries and bike hikes, the meeting is at 10 am at the AlbergaBici (former roadman´s house) In Montalbano di Fasano (N 40° 46´44" - E 17° 28´60" - ex S.S. 16 Fasano-Ostuni km 870).

Three distinct and contemporary itineraries will take place: cycling, walking and twizy (electric quadricycles).

 CYCLING ITINERARY (let by the coop. Ass. MadEra and Impact)

Leaving from the former roadman’s house in Ostuni, recently renamed Albergabici, we will reach the Via Traiana, old roman road, to enjoy the green landscape in the heart of the olive grove plan, and so we’ll reach the ancient rock settlement of Lama d´Antico and the archaeological area of Egnazia.

We will have the opportunity to appreciate a historical itinerary, recently set up with literary panels produced through by the association Italia Nostra Sez. Messapia, the Park Dune Costiere and the Archaeological Museum of Egnazia, reporting literary quotations by famous travelers who went  through it.

Possibility of bike hiring (man, woman and child).

Packed lunch in a picnic area. The bike hikes ends at around 5.30 pm.

The route (on asphalt) has a length of about 30 km, mostly flat and without difficulty. We recommend comfortable clothing and sportswear.

Participation fee with own bike, 10,00 € per person.

Possibility to rant a bike for 5,00 €, reservation required.

WALKING HIKE (led by the coop. Ass. Gaia and Serapia)

Leaving from the Albergabici we’ll have a walking hike to discover the Park’s biodiversity, from the monumental groves up to the sea. 

We’ll cross pastures, corn fields, small canyons, we’ll get to the sea, we’ll walk among the fossil dunes full with wild orchids, until we reach the Morelli River wet area, crucial for migratory waterfowl and man’s activities. We’ll walk along the coast, see the Lighthouse of Torre Canne and Torre San Leonardo, and go back to the hinterland full of olive trees sculpted by incredibly bizarre shapes and where we’ll meet and admire the dolmen Montalbano, along the ancient Via Traiana.

Packed Lunch at Morelli river. The excursion ends at around 5.30 pm.

The itinerary is about 12 km long, made up by low difficulty dirty roads, beach, asphalted road.

Comfortable clothing and walking shoes are recommended, camera is highly suggested.

Participation fee, 8,00 € per person (4 euros for kids from 6-10 y.o.)  


TWIZY (led by Forplay s.r.l. and coop. Impact)

We’ll start from Ostuni (at the headquarter of Forplay, industrial area of Ostuni) an amazing journey by TWIZY, electric, silent ans non polluting two-seater quadricycle. We’ll cross the ancient Via Traiana, surrounded by olive groves, old white farmhouses and spring perfumes.

Along the way we will visit an ancient underground oil mill, we will stop at the Dolmen Montalbano, reaching the Lama d´Antico rock park in the late morning.

After visiting the Park and the Rock Churches and after (packed) lunch, we will drive towards the sea, crossing Savelletri, until we reach Egnazia.

 The afternoon will be dedicated to the discovery of this ancient Roman cities located in a beautiful natural and environment, before coming back from the coastline.

The return is scheduled at 17.00.

Participation fee:

- 35,00 € per person (Vehicle used by 2 people);

- 45,00 € per person (Vehicle used by 1 single person);

- 25,00 € for kids from 5-10 y.o)  

Driving conditions as provided for by the Italian code (the driver must have a driving license and be at least 16 years or older to carry a passenger, the passenger can’t be younger than 5 y.o).

Booking required within March 25th.


CICLYNG ITINERARY   coop. - +39 327 5785185

WALKING HIKE        coop. SERAPIA: - +39 366 5999514

                                          coop. GAIA: - +39 347 0042961 / +39 320 6251107

HIKE BY TWIZY    FORPLAY srl: - +39 337 937353 / +39 360 908574 

Monday Feb. 22 2016 h. 5.30 pm - Istituto Tecnico Agrario - Ostuni

“RPD 2014-2020 measures: Innovation, training and other tools for the development of the area”: this is the main theme of the seminar held on Monday February 22, starting at 5.30 pm, at the Istituto Tecnico Agrario of Ostuni (C.da San Lorenzo).

The event is organized by Federparchi, Regional Natural Park Dune costiere da Torre Canne a Torre San Leonardo, the foundation ITS Agroalimentare Puglia and by  Singri Srl, a spin-off of the University of Bari.

This meeting - moderated by the journalist Giannicola D’Amico - will be opened by Mrs. Anna Luisa Saladino, Director of the high school Istituto superiore “Pantanelli-Monnet”, followed by the Mayor of Ostuni, Mr. Gianfranco Coppola, the President of the ITS Agroalimentare Puglia Foundation Vito Nicola Savino and the President of the Park Dune Costiere and of Federparchi Puglia Enzo Navarra. 

The paper introduced at the meeting will be about: The Technical school training and firms: the right strategy for the future" by Maria Grazia Piepoli from the ITS Foundation, and "The new opportunities offered by the Apulia Rdp 2014-2020" by Vincenzo Fucilli, president of Sinagri srl and Pierpaolo Pallor, member of the CREA (Research Council in agriculture and agrarian economy analysis)


Saturday, February 13 at 11:00 am in Milan, Giunti publisher, the Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere from Torre Canne Torre S. Leonardo, the Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto and the Province of Lecce will present the book “I Parchi del Salento. Anime e stagioni di una terra viva”.

A tour guide book translated into 5 languages that reveals interesting and unknown features of places rich in nature, history and culture; an area that attracts tourists from all around the world, but generally just for the sea. This guide, full experiences  and tips for travelers, will show you the way to live Salento throughout the year with a range of options (as trails for walking, biking or horseback riding in protected areas of Salento, the experiences related to the rural world, the hidden treasures of the hinterland, etc.; these tips are useful both for those who visit Salento in summer and want to diversify their experience, and for those who want to discover it in the other seasons of the year.

Saturday, February 13 2006 at 11:00 am - Borsa Internazionale del Turismo 2016 (BIT 2016) - Milan

stand Pugliapromozione (Pad. 9 Area Leisure Stand A30-C23)  

Mer 2 Dic 2015
Terra Madre Day 2015

All Sundays in December and January the focus of the activities will be the ancient mullet and eel fishing in the Natural Park Dune Costiere. We’ll visit the old plant of Morelli River on foot or by bike.

These activities, organized by the Regional Park Dune Costiere along with the local Slow Food Piana deli Ulivi and the coop. Gaia and Madeira, provides an interesting program full of excursions on foot or by bicycle to learn about rural landscapes and natural and organic agricultural production of the Park.

The hikes will prepare the participants to join the Terra Madre Day, held on December 13th all around the world, promoting sustainable production and consumption methods implemented by the community of fishermen and farmers. These include the local food products as sustainable fisheries and organic aquaculture and numerous wild edible herbs, coming from the great agricultural biodiversity of our territory.

Hiking info & reservations 347.0042961 Sunday, Dec. 6th at 9.30 am - meeting point Torre s. Leonardo Sunday, Dec. 13th at 9.30 am "       "                                  Terra Madre Day Sunday, Dec. 20th at 930 am "    " Sunday, Dec. 27th at 9.30 am "     " Sunday, Jan. 3rd at 9.30 am  "     "

After a short walk on the beach, with the guides of the Coop. Ass. Gaia, we will reach the ancient aquaculture facility, home to species such as eels and the golden-ear-mullet, and where fishermen will show how fisheries was made I ancient times.

BIKE info and reservations 327.5785185

Sunday, Dec. 6th at 9.30 am - meeting point Albergabici Sunday, Dec. 13th at 9.30 am "       "                                  Sunday, Dec. 20th at 930 am "    " Sunday, Dec. 27th at 9.30 am "     " Sunday, Jan. 3rd at 9.30 am  "     "

Madera Bike Tour is pleased to invite you to its bike hikes through the trails of the Park, starting at the AlbergaBici Montalbano - destination Morelli River,  the old aquaculture facility located behind the coastal dunes. Small demonstration of ancient techniques of fishing by the Gallo family and return to the starting point.

At the end of each hike you can have lunch in one of the Park’s farms.

At the Albergabici, Former Roadhouse in Montalbano di Fasano

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, at 6.30 pm at At the Albergabici, Former Roadhouse in Montalbano di Fasano, the Tourism companies of the Park Dune Costiere will be given the ‘European Chart for Sustainable Tourism – II phase’, in a ceremony at the presence of the Deputy Mayor for Quality Territory Anna Maria Curcuruto, the President of Federparchi - Europarc Italia Giampiero Sammuri, the Director of the Regional Offices for parks and biodiversity of Puglia Region Barbara Loconsole, the Mayor of Ostuni, Gianfranco Coppola, the prefectorial commissioner of Fasano Erminia Cicoria, the President of the Province of Brindisi Maurizio Bruno, the President of the Park Dune Costiere, Enzo Lavarra.

The European Chart for Sustainable Tourism is much more than a common ISO certification; it’s a  is a working method that combines and improves business decisions in the tourism sector; it was developed by the Europarc Federation, and was so far achieved in Italy only by about 40 protected areas.

The park Dune Costiere was awarded this Chart in Bruxelles in 2012, but the Chart’s aim is to certify the whole tourism industry, thus ensuring the quality of the local activities in the whole protected area.

In September 2014 a group of operators with Park’s label have decided to embark on this new project; they committed in being compliant with a specific regulation, consisting of a common platform at the national level and a number of requirements characterizing each specific local situation.

From September 2014 to May 2015, the Park Dune Costiere allowed with its work and commitment, 21 companies to achieve the certification.

Achieving this goal means pride and satisfation to the Park and new opportunity for private companies for growing in the market, pursuing choices of environmental, social and economic sustainability. 

Saturday Sept. 12th 2015 – h. 8 pm - Masseria Carparelli, Ostuni

We are pleased to invite you, on Saturday, Sept. 12th,  to the last appointment of the Live your tour project organized by the Regional Park Dune Costiere, in collaboration with the Coop. Gaia Environmental Tours, in the amazing farm Carparelli, among majestic olive trees that will be the backdrop to the show by the Theatre company Mediani Perduti.


A series of events in the wild nature aimed at promoting sustainable development models associated with the history and nature of the places and the ancient relationship between local communities and their land; in this context we will assist to ‘Tessitori di Storie’ (History Weavers).

 “A white house, a little girl, the voices of the grandparents ... a trip down to memory in a magical night. A texture of folk songs, stories of people, animals, princesses, traditional flavors. The infinite possibilities of metamorphosis of things through music and words"

Meeting at 10 pm at Masseria Carparelli in Ostuni (BR) reachable from the former SS 16 Ostuni – Fasano, 8,00 km, then follow the signs Masseria Carparelli / Casa del Parco.

After the performance some expert will tell us about sustainable tourism good practices.

Hon. Enzo Lavarra President Parco Dune Costiere

Mr. Francesco Ghionda from Slow Food Piana degli Ulivi

Mr. Tommaso Giorgino landscape scholar “Protection of the natural and agricultural landscape”

At 9 pm, the show  


director: Sara Bevilacqua

starred by Sara Bevilacqua & Antonio Guadalupi

Isabella Benone, Daniele Guarini, Alessandro Muscillo, Giancarlo Pagliara

A tasting session of organic products made by the Park’s farmers will follow.

Free entry, reservation required.

INFO AND BOOKING: 348.1638228 / 347.0042961


The park Dune Costiere is involved in a campaign to raise awareness and local promotion as part of the Live your tour project, funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Programme ENPI CBC MED. The project is part of an international cooperation program involving Italy and other countries in the Mediterranean basin,  focusing on sustainable tourism to increase the out of season tourist flows in marginal geographical areas, offering an authentic tourists experiences benefited also by those areas far from the conventional tourist flows, with a positive impact on the local economy. 


Park Authority

PARCO NATURALE REGIONALE "Dune costiere da Torre Canne a Torre S. Leonardo" - e-mail PEC